Beloved Dojo

More ninjas
Fun times, Grading 2008

It is with great sadness that I announce the closure of a dojo very, very dear to my heart.

Goju Ryu at Rhodes University is where I met my dearest friends and learned a great deal about who I am, and what it is that I’m capable of. We travelled together, we partied together, and sometimes we cried together. We shared gradings, secrets, laughs and pizza and it breaks my heart to think that it will be no more.

Ninjas go for it
Grading, October 2009

So, beloved Goju Ryu, thank you. Thank you to Clint-sensei for all his wisdom on and off the mat. Thank you to my mentors Jon and Thomas for all they taught me. To all those who were willing to learn from me, and all those who were willing to teach me, train with me, endure me, my most heartfelt thanks.

Perhaps all I can promise is to continue my training in good spirit, and to remember that Goju Ryu will continue, but only if we all look after our art and ourselves.

Little ninjas
Goju Ryu, 2006 club photo

So, so long and thanks for everything. I am forever grateful for the opportunities to meet the people I have met, to learned so many things and to have grown stronger and better for it.

RU Goju Ryu…you will be sorely, deeply missed.

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