How to look after your gi

They say the suit maketh the man, and while that’s a bit narrow, it is helpful to paraphrase it as the gi maketh the warrior. A clean gi (or do-gi) is a sign of respect, not only for oneself but towards one’s dojo and fellow training partners. To arrive in a dirty, untidy gi is to show…

Returning to the Dojo

One missed class can easily become three. Three classes becomes a month. Then six. Then a year. And then there’s a day when you open your cupboard and there is your gi, hanging up and gathering dust. Waiting. (And silently judging you.)

My Stance on UFC, MMA and Bloodsport

I know some MMA guys, just as I know competitive traditional martial artists who fight in tournaments under the karate banner. I myself have done the 100 Randori twice – 100 fights in one night, without a break. I know the siren song of the fight, of the joy of a well-fought spar, and the fear of going up against someone bigger and stronger and faster. Please believe me, I know how good it feels to fight.