I am, as I have been since I was four and chubby-cheeked, a lover of books. I am now fortunate enough to work in the book industry as a marketing coordinator for a large book chain. The opinions contained in this blog are my own and do not reflect that of any book stores or publishers.

I am also an editor, unrepentantly so, and I have an undying vendetta against use of the grocer’s apostrophe and the word ‘unputdownable’, a word as hideous as it is unnecessary.

I studied English literature at Rhodes University in South Africa, and my subjects included medieval poetry, 17th Century, the Romantics, American literature up to contemporary writers, literary theory, the Romantics (but of course) as well as the excellent helping of Shakespeare and other classics. My thesis was on The Scarlet Letter as a proto-feminist text. I am trying to find the original document so that I can actually post it here.

I also run a martial arts, politics and writing blog at The Paper Ninja, where I write about non-book related goodies, such as martial arts history, film reviews and the occasional soapbox demagoguery.

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      1. Tom Learmont says:

        Hello Zoe,
        Apologies for the extremely late reply. My bookmark file was wiped and I’m still rebuilding it, But I’m going to try and send you a watermarked PDF supplied by Kwela.

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