I suppose it would be a good start to explain why the term ‘Paper Ninja’ appears so predominately.

I have been writing since I was eight. But then again, we all have been, but I started with a creative story about Queen Vicky, who was sixteen, had a bazooka and then killed her abusive boyfriend Alby. Perhaps that should have been the first clue about the lead paint chips, but it also foreshadowed my rise and rise as a feminist, a writer, and perhaps a humorous one at that.

My views change often, though not dramatically. I am a feminist, a vegetarian, and an atheist. What shades of those I am change from year to year, but hopefully I can ensure the changes are informed and useful. And putting those ideas and discoveries on paper has always been one of the great joys and pressure valves of my life.

The second important thing to note is the Ninja part. I started martial arts in primary school at the age of 11. I did not like the boys because they teased me (a lot) and I decided that I would learn to kick their asses someday. So, I started Judo. Strangely enough, they left me alone from that point and the lesson I learnt there was ‘shit, that’s girl is scary’. Apparently, I still am. I graded to blue belt, but had to stop Judo when I moved schools and went to boarding school. There was a five year hiatus in my training since I had no inclination to do Shotokan Karate. Then came university, where I truly found my place of belonging. It was not in the lecture halls, the tutorial groups, or the local bar. I fitted in best in a small dojo with dark green walls, a nice canvas mat and two brilliant, occasionally deranged Sensei. (Japanese doesn’t use plurals.)

And so it began. I trained like the world was on the line. I met my Handsome Physicist there, and Mr King, who has been an major influence on my writing and a great supporter thereof. I brought new friends to the dojo, and kept making new ones each year. In four years of university, I spent more time in that badly-aired dojo than anywhere else, and I regret nothing.

Sadly, I had to leave that wonderful place, but now I train at Wits Aikido, and at Northcliff Karate Academy. And while neither dojo is quite the Rhodes one, they are both fine dojo and have been welcoming and supportive of a klutz like me.

So, the above should give some insight as to what this blog will often comprise of. I hope you will join me on my journey, towards becoming a published author, a sensei, a politician, who knows. Ultimately, I can only promise my best efforts, and perhaps it will be enough.

9 thoughts on “About this ninja

  1. Thonas King says:

    I’d like to tip my cup to that dojo, now, sadly, bereft of the Goju Ryu club. I too spent a lot of good, good times there, and am deeply saddened that it seems I will not be able to do so again.

    So, to the Rhodes dojo: cheers, good luck, and thanks for all the fish. And friends. And fun.

  2. Craig says:

    Ah, there is nothing that generates quite such a welcoming feeling than a small dojo.The sense of belonging and camaraderie are unrivalled! 🙂

  3. wrongdiagnonsense says:

    Queen Vicky sounds incredible 🙂 love this! It’s like I get a dose of Zojo every now and then, and that is a valuable and beautiful thing to me ❤

  4. satoangela says:

    osu! Chishi is the next hojo undo implement I am planning to try. That’s how I found your Twitter and I gladly discovered a little more about you. I live in Peru and my family (I mean,husband and daughter) and I are vegan and karatekas.We train Shotokan and we are interested in learning without belittling other styles.
    At home we already train with Makiwara and Makiage- kigu. We believe there is a lot from traditional Karate that has been lost or even deformed. Though we don’t train as much as we would like to,we aim to become better and continue on the path until we die!I used to train with nunchakus but now I am focusing on training my body and improving techniques.

    1. Zo says:

      Wonderful to hear from you! Thank you for taking the time to visit my humble blog! Please tweet me whenever you want to chat karate – we all have so much to learn from each other 🙂

  5. Amy Moonsamy says:

    Just love your page Zoe… you and I have two things in common; our love of words and our love of karate. I hope to train with you someday.

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