Words have been my trade, ever since I was eight years old and I wrote a short story about teen Queen Victoria and her bazooka. Ever since then, wherever I have gone and whatever job I have had, I have been tapping away furiously at a keyboard. I still write on paper, but it is mostly illegible and a terrible waste of good stationery.

You can download my CV here:Zoe Hinis CV 2016

My skills include the following:

  • Content writing (blog posts, packaging, social media posts, newsletters, mailers)
  • Copywriting
  • Editing (substantive, proofreading, line-editing and developmental editing)
  • Long-form writing, both fiction and non-fiction (essays, manuscripts, manuals)
  • Being on air! Love being on radio. You can listen to a podcast here

My experience:

  • In 2015, I have worked with clients such as Nike, Absa, Vodacom, General Motors, Sun International, Afropolitan, The Sunday Times, Kellogg’s, Propertuity, Flying Fish, Health Matrix, Africology and Spotong.
  • Three years at Exclusive Books as a content writer and marketer, writing content and5594_EB_History_A1 Poster_FIN_P (1) copy for online as well as above the line campaigns. Behold, a sample of one my favourite pieces of copy to the right.
  • Two years at Africology, a leading beauty brand in South Africa. This included website content, packaging, training manuals, in-house communications, mailers and social media
  • BA in English Literature and History
  • BA Honours in English Literature
  • Three years of tutoring English Lit and history undergraduates, marking their papers and assisting them in learning how to write a cohesive and elegant argument
  • Consistent freelance work: editing two novels from start to finish, writing for the Sunday Times and Times Live, building websites and filling them with content (examples are amandascholtz.com, suewebbersglass.com, bunnymajaja.com
  • Many, many years of blogging, including blogging about martial arts, film and politics at ZojoDojo.com

Further references are available upon request. For examples of my corporate writing, please click here.

If you need more words, new words, clever words, researched words, I will write or find them for you. I love research and have a great respect for the malleability and flow of language. My interests include history, martial arts, literature, publishing, travel, science, running, baking and animals. I am always excited to learn new things, and look forward to learning a great deal with each piece I write. I am based in Joburg, but thanks to the Internet, I can work remotely as well via Google Docs, Hangouts and Skype.

Please contact me via the form below, via email at zk dot hinis at gmail dot com or via Twitter using the handle @ZoeHinis.

Let’s write something wonderful.

2 thoughts on “Hire This Writer!

  1. Liam Gallagher says:

    Id be interested in hiring you to write a blog inspired by your superb “return the dojo” blog but relevant to those returning to the dojo in the post covid world.

    1. Zoe Hinis says:

      This is actually a brilliant idea for a blog post! I should write that soon. We’ve been lucky to be able to return to the dojo, but it is both so different, and exactly the same as before.
      Thank you for the idea! No need to hire me – I will get on it soon 🙂

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