This page is for those who might not necessarily want to publish, but who want to work on the craft of writing. Now everyone has advice on writing (especially people who really shouldn’t be offering anything at all) so take what you will from all these people. My general rule is to write and read in volume and with relentless vigour. And that works for me. It might not for everyone else. You’d be amazed how many published authors haven’t been writing their whole lives.

In any case, here’s some advice, books and sites worth noting. This will be updated as I come across new pieces. Please feel free to add more in the comments section!

Mega-resource list! Everything you might need on one page: – Thanks, Amelia!

And from a resourceful young woman named Hannah Miles, this incredible collection of links for authors to find whole texts of writing books, where to apply for writing scholarships, career options, manuscript formatting tips and more! What a wonderful site! Check it out here:
(Thank you so much for sending, Hannah – this is such a delightful find! So happy to have a reader like you for my little blog.)


Terrible Minds by Chuck Wendig – possibly the best, most entertaining writing advice out there

Mad Genius Club – Writers that give some great advice and warnings. Also shot through with superb wit


How To Create An Online Presence

The Amanda Hocking Story: Inspiration for the Self-Published

How To Self-Publish to Benefit Readers

Why Modern Novelists Need to Watch their Weight – Robert McCrum

Do Writers Still Need Publishers? By Anthony Horowitz 

Extract from Margaret Atwood’s Negotiating With The Dead on being a paid writer


On Writing – Stephen King

The Constant Art of Being a Writer – NM Kilby

To Make A Mocking Word Sing – Margret Kollmer (Sorry, could only find a Kindle edition)

Negotiating With The Dead by Margaret Atwood

5 thoughts on “For Writers

  1. Margaret says:

    Lovely seeing my book listed under ‘Books’. (So where else could it be listed ? 😉 !!!
    How did you find it?

    1. Zo says:

      Hi Margaret,

      A friend bought it for me at a sale, and it has been invaluable in my writing so I definitely wanted to give it credit here. I think its out of print which is why I couldn’t find a local vendor…which is a pity! South African writers should have some delicious local material to help us grow 🙂
      Thank you for stopping by!

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