As I write this, I am listening to the trailer for Clash of the Titans. I know that it might have shocking dialogue and general shamelessness, but it will undoubtedly have the scale and action I so loved in 300, a movie both remarkably accurate and engaging.

I love movies, I always have. And while I can be an annoyingly discerning fuck, I still enjoy movies that either go for spectacle and enjoy equally the ones that forgo spectacle for excellent dialogue, characterisation and setting. In order to make better use of this blog, I think I will turn it into a place for movie reviews instead.

Movies on circuit I want to watch now:

Hurt Locker


The Blind Side

Shutter Island

Movies that I am looking forward to. You can guess why. (Release dates are for SA according to Nu-Metro website)

The Cove – 1st April (I may not survive watching this)

Monty Python is Not the Messiah – 2nd April

Iron Man 2 – 30th April

Kick-Ass – 23rd April

Clash of The Titans – 16th April

The Men Who Stare At Goats – 30th April (George Cloony. Duh.)

9 – 14th May

Prince of Persia – 21 May

The Lion of Judah – 17th September (South Africa’s first full-length animated movie)

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