Episode Two: Love, Lobola and Taxis

The Lucky Packet

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For this episode, I chatted to my dear friend Stanford, who is a man of great wisdom and who always offers valuable insight into the heartbeat of South Africa.

In this episode we discuss lobola, the Republic of Henley on Klip, the vast differences between Joburg and Cape Town minibus taxis, male circumcision  in South Africa, Chinese foot binding, penis transplants and what its like to fight a hundred people.

In the spirit of the podcasting world, I hugely recommend that you find Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History podcast series. The episodes are ultra-long, incredibly well-researched historical narratives, which are incredibly immersive and fascinating. These episodes will turn anyone into a history fanatic.

I’d love to hear your feedback and thoughts, which you can send to theluckypacketpodcast@gmail.com, or tweet to us at LuckyPacketPod. My thanks go to Stanford Mbatha and Graham Webber for their time and insight. Thanks to Citizen Jones for the music, and this episode was produced and hosted by me, your friendly neighbourhood ninja


The Lucky Packet, Episode 1



With just a basic mixing desk, a few microphones and some open-source software, I have created something of my very own, with some help from good friends. Here’s to my very first podcast, and the first of many, I hope!

Ad-free, and free to you. Please stream or download and enjoy! Available on the iTunes store, and through your podcast app of choice, including Stitcher and Podcast Addict.


Podcast: Catalogues, Books and Writing

So I wandered into a lovely office in a nursery in Johannesburg to speak at Radio Today,Whale poster a community radio station, to talk about the Exclusive Books catalogue that took four months to produce and is now a glorious, bountiful collection of books.

We also talk about publishing, books as objects of lust and untapped power of booksellers. I share the microphone with author Jo-Anne Richards and Richard Beynon, and was kindly and charmingly hosted by Bruce Dennill.

The podcast is available here at Bruce Dennill’s podcast channel and can be downloaded as well! (Such wonders of technology.)

There are some ideas in there that I have expanded on elsewhere on my blog: