Women Warrior Series: The Dahomey Amazons

Not long ago in West Africa, there was a warrior clan so fierce, so hardened and so unbelievably tough that it took the might of an industrialised nation just to slow them down.

I Fight Like a Girl

I may be a lone voice in this, but I really want to bring this rallying cry into the martial arts, and especially in karate. I hate hearing ‘you punch like a girl’ being leveled at boys, that anything feminine is inherently weaker. It is one of the reasons why we see such an attrition of young female budo-ka.

Women Warriors: The Gulabi Gang

The Gulabi Gang India, despite its respectable number of female goddesses, is not a country known for treating women well. With a spousal abuse rate of two in three married women and the systematic abortion of female foetuses alongside nation-wide corruption,  climbing rape statistics, and the horrifying thousands of dowry murders a year, India is not…

Women Warriors Series: The Ju-jitsu Suffragettes

The Ju-jitsu Suffragettes Just over a hundred years ago, a number of women who belonged to The Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU) spearheaded the campaign for women’s suffrage in England from 1897 to 1928. It was a simple request for the right to vote, and for representation in the political system. Due to the complete…

The Foschini Debacle and some silly feminists

As per the usual Twitter ‘shitstorm in an egg cup’, today offers up the debate of Tasteless Tshirts offered by Foschini. If you read the comments below, it only reminds me that I am very, very glad to have left university. Friend Thomas has adopted a life philosophy that makes perfect sense: ‘haters gonna hate’….