If every journey begins with a single step…

…then each blog must begin with a single word.

Welcome to my second attempt at blogging. Those in the know will remember the emo-fest that was my undergrad blog, Admiral Adventures. In an attempt to reestablish myself as a serious writer, it is time to reinvent and try again.

What can this blog offer you? Perhaps clearer insight into my screaming left-wing ways, or why I keep going back to the dojo despite sucking so massively at both Aikido and Goju Ryu.

There will be stories of hope! Redemption! Failed recipes and the laughter they bring! But mostly, the posts will be glimpses into my somewhat unusual and sometimes quite ordinary life. I don’t expect a massive cult following, but if you want to stay, you are always welcome, and I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Welcome to the Dojo.

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