The Unfair Crucifixion of Salman Rushdie

Satanic Verses deals with the scope of life and death, Bollywood films, utterly destructive love and romance (the mother pushing her children out of a building and following them), sin and lust and climbing Everest. It is a work broad in its material and eloquent in its execution and about so much more than just a few misguided verses. To mark this book as unfit and unacceptable just because a few people are offended is an insult to those of us who don’t share the same belief systems.

Black Tuesday and White Panic

White people make me laugh, with our undying love of and addiction to panic. Its our favourite go-to while waiting for iPhone releases and complaining about bandwidth and slow internet. (For a list of things white people like, go here). Because while some of us have the decency to acknowledge that our problems are pretty first world,…