Why the Anti-SOPA Movement Matters

Already there’s been an attempt to arrest Occupy protesters who used the #OccupyBoston hashtag on Twitter. What will happen when the government has access to information, and we don’t?


Black Tuesday and White Panic

White people make me laugh, with our undying love of and addiction to panic. Its our favourite go-to while waiting for iPhone releases and complaining about bandwidth and slow internet. (For a list of things white people like, go here). Because while some of us have the decency to acknowledge that our problems are pretty first world,…

Love Song for the Internet

I’ll be the first person to say I suffer from Facebook envy and Twitter confusion. I see everyone’s photos of their trips and their parties, their excellent events and adventures and I can’t help feeling just a little pathetic in comparison. And with Twitter, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the information that ticks…