Jediism, The Flying Spaghetti Monster and The UK Census

You know, the article above is probably written by an agnostic or Facebook-Christian, but I must say that I do agree with the UK Atheists. Not only are these the only people to openly call for the arrest of the paedophile-protecting Pope but they are also calling for people to pretty much grow up and choose one side or the other. Putting down ‘Jedi’ or Flying Spaghetti Monster is a little bit cute, but its also pretty facile and a little bit pointless. The issue here is not faith, whether for a god or not, but the fact that these people take the piss out both sides. Changing ‘God’ or ‘Allah’ for ‘Jedi’ or ‘FSM’ was the original satire, to show the fallacious arguments of faith without reason. But to put those things down as a religion turns the satire into a tired, empty joke which undermines the arguments they started. FSM was never meant to be a religion, just a satire. And Jediism, I am sorry that that is even seriously worshipped.

If you think that to wipe out Jediism is a killjoy, and you don’t realise that it is kind of offensive to the monks they ripped it off from, or the people of faith who tick that box on the census because God/Allah/Buddah/Jehovah/Yawei matters to them, or to the atheists who still don’t have a box to tick, then its time to join the real world.  Seriously, basing a religion on a few crappy movies, worse books and George Lucas’ theft of the Five Rings is as ridiculous as it is pathetic. This also applies to Cullenism, started by Twihards, who only have some really shit books and equally horrific movies. Is this something people who don’t have the backbone to be atheists do? The new face of religious apathy? I don’t know.  But please, let’s all consider that the world is in some dire trouble, and we need to spend more time trying to help out than imitating some fake holy ninjas.


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