Iron Man 2 and MayNoWriMo


Firstly, I would like to officially invite Robert Downey Jnr to my place, any time, for baklava and dolmades. He has turned the comic character Iron Man into a bankable, intelligent, spectacular franchise, a far cry from the comic books on which the character was retrieved. Paper-based Tony Stark was a brilliant alcholic, but he lacked the spark that Downey’s Tony has. I love this Tony Stark, for his panache, his confidence, his failures, his sexy cars and “for privatising world peace”.

Iron Man 2 was everything I want to see in a movie. There was action, some romance, superb set design, good writing, an interesting plot, social commentary and, most of all, sexy technology. Very, very sexy technology. Enter exhibit a: the new Audi R8. What a beast of a car. Second exhibit: Jarvis’ GUI and OS. Third exhibit: War Machine. Fourth exhibit: Whiplash’s iron outfit. Fifth: Tony Stark’s cellphone. Sixth: The Suit. Duh.

Oh, and Black Widow was hot too. Bit gratuitious but yeah, it was good to see a woman kick some ass without any help. Pepper Potts is far more interesting. By the public in the movie, she is treated as a figurehead, a pinhead incapable of running Stark Industries because she is female. Tony Stark, however, recognises her for her talent, her dedication and her ability, and gives the company to her. How she deals with it is interesting and easy to relate to. And besides, the relationship between them is too cute. I love the attempt at an omelette by Stark. And the strawberry incident.

Even if you’re not a comic book fan, even if you don’t know of Iron Man or Marvel, you have to watch this movie for the sheer scale and fun that it is.

Second point: MayNoWriMo. Because Molly Burkhart and Joely Burkhart are bad influences in the best of ways, I have decided to join Joely’s brainchild project MayNoWriMo. Different from NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), I get to set my goals, as long as they’re challenging. For this project, I will attempt to finish Dojo Heroes within 20,000 more words and edit it.

It could be the best thing that’s happened to that damned novel.


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